Latest Wolfpack News:

Welcome to the online home of the St. Raymond Wolfpack coached by Mark Molinar.

Wolfpack Number 1

The Wolfpack is one of two 3rd grade girls CYO basketball teams at St. Raymond. My name is Jim Weber and I’m Jillian Weber’s (#23) dad. I made a similar website for Jillian’s soccer team, which I coached, so I thought it would be fun for her basketball team to have a website as well.

Check out the calendar for upcoming games and practices. See the girls’ pictures and numbers in the roster page. I will post a blog of each game that I attend and also pull out some video highlights from the games as well.

To watch the videos, make sure you are running the latest version of Apple’s Quicktime Player.

If you have some pictures you would like me to post, please send them to me or send me an email so I can get them from you.