Wolfpack hold on for tie 7-7 against SM/SC

DUBLIN -- With 4 minutes to go in the game and the Wolfpack leading 7-0, Coach Mark took a gamble that didn’t pay off. He actually sat down the big three, Jillian, Hailey and Nikki, at the same time, which is the first time that has happened all season. It was obvious that these three girls were the engine that made the Wolfpack tick, and it became even more obvious when all three were not on the court. In under 3 minutes, the team from SM/SC tied the game at 7-7 and by the time Coach Mark put the three dynamos back in there, it was too late to shift the momentum and the Wolfpack had to settle for a tie. Although it was not a loss, it was the first time all year that the Wolfpack did not win and it didn’t taste very good.

The end of year party at Mountain Mikes helped ease the hurt, though. All the girls had fun and they definitely enjoyed the season.

Game scoring stats of 2/01/09 game:
Jillian Weber - 3 pts
Hailey Meyer - 2 pts
Nikki - 2 pts

Season scoring stats as of 2/01/09 (10 games)
Jillian Weber - 48 pts
Hailey Meyer - 25 pts
Nikki - 25 pts
Tess Molinar - 25 pts
Maddie Taylor - 6 pts (guest player from other St. Raymond team)

Wolfpack total score - 129 pts
Opponents total score - 63 pts